The VT001 programmer is a multifunctional programmer to read/write IC chips, integrated with the EEPROM and ODOMETER adapter. It brings a new experience on EEPROM and ODOMETER, which allows auto technicians to work more faster and efficient.
  • Advanced Functions

    The VT001 chip programmer uses to read/write and learn IC chip on EEPROM and ODOMETER, which compatible with MICROCHIP 24CXX Series, 93CXX Series, 25CXX Series, ST 95CXX Series and PIC/FREESCALE Tianjin FAW IC chips.

    VT001 programmer configurations

    VT001 programmer unit + VB001 circuit board + VB002 circuit board + VW001 data cable + VW002 data cable + VW003 data cable + Jumper cables

    VT001 programmer accessories

    1. Accessory 1: VB001 circuit board

        * VB001 circuit board is applying to EEPROM chip writing and reading functions.

    2. Accessory 2: VB002 circuit board

        * The newly developed VB002 circuit board is connected by VW001, VW002 or VW003 without welding the chip.

    3. Accessory 3: VW001 data cable

        * W001 data cable can read or write data by linking the chip with a bonding wire

    4. Accessory 4: VW002 data cable

        * W002 data cable can read or write data by clamping the chip (SOP 8-pin) directly without welding EEPROM. 

    5. Accessory 5: VW003 data cable

        * W003 data cable can read or write data by clamping positive pole and negative pole with red and black clips and contacting the data interface with yellow and blue probes. 

    6. Accessory 6: Jumper cables

        * Jumper cables is used to transfer non-OBDII diagnostic port to standard OBDII port.

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