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 iSmart810 Automotive Diagnostic &Analysis System

With user-friendly Android interface, solid-state 64GB hard drive, Cortex-A7 1.8GHz processor and easy navigation, coupled with Bluetooth communication, 8” high-resolution 1280x800 IPS LCD touch screen technology, iSmart810 supports full diagnosis of all systems of 100+ car makes with 40+ services which makes it popular with brand dealers, multi-brand repair workshops, workshop, tire service networks and large quick service chains.

  • Mercedes Benz 38pin Adapter
    BMW 20pin Adapter
    PSA 2pin Adapter
    Fiat 3pin Adapter
    GM/Daewoo 12pin Adapter
    Kia 20pin Adapter
    Mitsubishi/Hyundai 12+16pin Adapter
    Nissan 14pin Adapter
    Honda 3pin Adapter
    Toyota 17pin Adapter
    Toyota 22pin Adapter
    Mazda 17pin Adapter
    Audi 4pin Adapter
    OBDII Adapter
    Cigarette Lighter
    AC/DC Adapter(12V)
    Diagnostic Cable
    AC/DC Adapter(14V)
    Clip cable
    User Manual
    Carrying case
  • Name Download